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Writting from PI Point to OPC Client Item

Question asked by GuillaumeGSK on May 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 29, 2020 by LalBabuShaik

Hi all,


I would like to be able to read/write value from an OPC Client in the PI DA.


First I have configured two OPC Interfaces :

  • One to read (PS_Read)
  • One to write (PS_Write)

Note: the buffering system is configured with buffering


Then I also configured two PI Point

  • pipoint_read with PS_Read and the good Interface ID as Location 1
  • pipoint_write with PS_Write and the good Interface ID as Location 1

These two PI Point are configured with the same intrumentag (pointing on the same OPC Item)

Note: for this PI Point I also set the location 3 at 0-1-2 but I haven't seen any changes.


When I tried to set a value from OPC Client to the pipoint_write I got an error message on the OPC Client:

Failed on item 'collective_server' synchronous write for group 'opc_group' (HR=0x80004005)


Then I go to the PI DA Server > PI SDK > Message Log and I have:

Postevent feiled: [-11414] Buffured point does not accept new events Point ID: 'Point ID of pipoint_write' Connection ID 'xx', User: 'xx', User ID: 'IDxx', mode 'append, Event time: 'timeoftheevent', value: 'Value I tried to set'


So I tried to stop the buffering one the Interface (PS_Write).

To do it, I change the API Hostname from pisrv1 to the IP address of pisrv1 as I found on


But by doing it I lose my connection between the PI DA and the Interface (PS_Write):

UI_DEVSTAT value 99 | Intf Shutdown



To sumerrise:

  • Does someone know a different way to turn off buffering on one interface ?
  • Does someone know the configuration needed for a PI point in order to write value to an OPC Item ?
  • Does someone see if I m missing something ?


Thank you in advance for your valuable assistance