Reduce Load on the PI OPC DA Interface

Discussion created by Sriram.Amirapu on May 27, 2020
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Hello All,


In order to reduce load on the PI OPC DA Interface, we have moved some of the tags from the existing Interfaces to a new Interface. Now the tags distribution is as follows:

OPCInt1 ~ 10,000 tags

OPCInt2 ~ 10,000 tags

OPCInt3 ~ 3,000 tags.

But, all these Interfaces are configured with the same Point Source name. Hence, our question is, do we also need to change the Point Source names for these Interfaces and have unique name for each one separately to reduce the load on the Interfaces?

Because, while restarting one of the Interfaces we observed in the logs that all the PI Points (i.e, ~ 23,000 tags) are being loaded every time we restart any Interface. It is showing that the tags are loading for the entire Point Source (23,000) though each one are having just 10,000 tags.

please let us know if we need to change the Point Source names as well to reduce such load.


Thanks and Regards,

Sriram Amirapu