Recreating Excel Solver Function in PI AF

Discussion created by aubyn on May 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by aubyn

I want to create an AF tag for something that calculates temperature of a small vessel. The calculations used to solve for T are very complex (e.g. exp^(A+B/T+ClnT+DT^E)). Algebraically I cannot isolate this variable to do a 'formula' data reference. Historically this value has been solved for by doing iterations until a Pressure found using the T Calc value matches the Pressure sensor value.

I know one way to accomplish this is using VBA to generate a very large table of values so that for given input 1 and given input 2 I can do a table look up for the T value, but I'm not good at VBA. 

Any other ways to accomplish this in PI AF or other PI Tool?