Link on PI Graphics web part

Discussion created by DDeCastro on Nov 20, 2012
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I have a web part page with a PI TreeView connected to a PI Graphics Webpart, on each svg displayed there are links to a subsystem which is also a svg file.  I want that when a user clicks on a link that the current graphic is replaced by the linked svg, similar to what happens when you select an element in the TreeView webpart and it is diplayed in the Graphics webpart on that page.  Currently I have an xlink command in the svg to set up the links but when I include a target attibute in the command trying to click on the link returns an error message "At least one dynamic symbol must be selected".  When I leave out the target attribute or include the "xlink:show" attibute clicking on the link dowloads the svg but does not open it on the webpart page.


Does anyone know the command that is called when an element is slelected in treeview that allows to svg file to be displayed in the graphics webpart or any other way to do this?