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UFL FOREACH Performance

Question asked by aegelhof on Jun 1, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2020 by aegelhof

I was wondering if anyone could tell me when the next version of the UFL connector might be released?  Specifically, I'm curious about the performance fix to the FOREACH loop.  The product road map has been taken offline apparently, OSIsoft Product Roadmap  . I hope that's just due to the COVID slowdown.


I have a UFL ini file written that parses a JSON file as I want it to but as the size of the JSON response increases, I can see the processor on the interface peg and data gets skipped.  The answer from the community has been to just use the normal UFL syntax but I've struggled to get that to work as well as my FOREACH code.  I'm seeing and increase in IOT devices that support a RESTful API so parsing large JSON files isn't going away.  Most of the JSON parsing examples on Github use a FOREACH loop.  PI-Connector-for-UFL-Samples/INI_FILE_EXAMPLES/Examples_for_Version_1.2 at master · osisoft/PI-Connector-for-UFL-Samples… 


I was just wondering if there was an update on a fix for the FOREACH performance bug,.



Andy Egelhof