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connecting to AF server from a service

Question asked by seneschal on Jun 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by sraposo


I have a program that can optionally run as a service, that connects to a PI-AF Server to read/write information. When I run the program as a regular task, it works fine. I have the credentials to connect to that AF Server stored in windows credential manager, and it connects successfully. When I am running as a service, however, it is unable to connect to the AF Server. In fact that is the error I receive: "Unable to connect to server 'MyAFServer'.

The AF Server is part of an AD domain but the machine I am working on is not logged in to AD. I am looking for a way to allow this to work without the AD credentials. I had hoped that the windows credential manager would help there. I am also unable to modify the service "Log On" credentials because my machine does not have the same user/pass as the AF Server box.

Basically I am trying to work from home in a home development environment VPN'ed into work.

Is there a way, or am I stuck? Thanks.