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    Manual input data not replicated between two servers in collective.


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      Hello, everybody.


      We have 2 servers in collective and 2 PItoPI interfaces for manual input data without buffering:


      1.       Standard interface


      2.       72 h history recovery interface


      When we enter data on primary server it not replicates to the secondary. But sometimes it replicated correctly but not for all tags.


      I didn’t find specific errors in logs that means that the interfaces work good. We have restarted it and it doesn’t  help.


      It works fine 2 weeks ago but now it’s not working. We didn’t any changes with tag and interface configurations.


      Maybe somebody know the answer.


      Thank you

        • Re: Manual input data not replicated between two servers in collective.

          Hello Dmitry,


          I understand you are using PItoPI connectivity to replicate data from the Primary Collective member to the Secondary. This worked a while ago but doesn't work for all tags currently.


          You didn't find any related messages in the logs. What logs did you check?


          Also please verify the configuration of tags on the Secondary PI Server for a tag that is currently receiving updates against one that is currently not receiving updates. Please look for differences - especially for the point source attribute and the interface ID (Location1 attribute).


          Please also consider opening a call at OSIsoft TechSupport. The colleagues can support you in a remote session and you can send them relevant logs for analysis.