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Predictive Calculations using PI AF and PI Vision

Question asked by Supriya_Birajdar on Jun 8, 2020

Hi All,

I have a small use case of predictive Analysis kind of thing using PI AF and PI Vision. Scenario is explained as below:




PI Vision display shown current values of parameters in below table where current value of A and B is updating trice a day .'Number of days' count increases once a day.

ParametersCurrent Value
Number of days --


  • XY-plots of these parametres will be plotted in PI Vision

' A vs B' ,

'NumberOfDays vs  A',

'NumberOfDays vs  B'

Linear Regression function will be used in PI AF analysis for ' A' and 'B' to get a linear trend with slope, intercept and delta R square, which will be then taken in existing XY-plots of PI Vision as a linear trend.




In second selection table ,in PI Vision, I want to select(Trigger) any one of the parameters and manually input its expected value. 

Trigger any one parameter Manual Value of triggered parameter
Predicted number of days
Predicted A
Predicted B


With this  one known manual value and with the known slope calculated in PI AF  in 'PART A', a program/calculation/code(Not Sure in PI AF or in PI Vision) need to calculate other two predicted parameter values. Accordingly XY trend of current values  should get connected linearly to the predictive value.


Could you please let me know how I can calculation/Analysis/code in PI AF or PI Vision. PI AF analysis , if possible, will be preferred. Ideas and hints are welcome .Please let me know if anything is not clear .


Best Regards,