Analysis generates wrong Event frame

Discussion created by Dshah on Jun 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by James Devine

Hi All,


We have observed wrong behavior with AF Analysis. Analysis generated tons of wrong event frames ( Start trigger condition not true), which result in wrong notifications. I am wondering what could be the reason for this behavior.


System Version:

PI System Explorer : 2017 R2 

AF Version: 2017 R2 Update 1 ( 2017.2.1.1849)


  • On Analysis, right click > Preview results over the time that the event frame started. The search returned empty result.
  • Searched that event frame from the Event frame tab and could find several event frames created 
  • After this issue, Trace is enabled for Analysis log for additional information.
  • Auto Back-fill is OFF for service configuration.
  • There was no changes made to event frame configuration or service.