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    Connecting PI Server with openPDC


      I am trying to connect the openPDC software to my existing PI Server which is on another machine. I am having trouble with the connection string and was wondering if anyone has done something like this and could help me out.


      Connection string used with AdoAdapters.AdoOutputAdapter and AdoAdapters.dll


      dbConnectionString = { Data Source=http://PIServerURL;  Integrated Security=SSPI };




      Is there a port I should be hitting instead of giving just the url?

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Please take a look at this thread for some general explanations as well as this link to OpenPDC documentation and some examples.


          In case you are interested in seeing more on ADODB and PI OLEDB, just search for ADODB on vCampus to get several examples and discussion threads. Hope it helps.

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              Thanks Ahmad for the response, I have been looking at the OpenPDC documentation and have posted several threads on their site asking for examples but have not received any. I will look into the PI OLEDB threads on vCampus but was hoping someone that had setup the connection between OpenPDC and PI Server before could shed some light on something I may be missing.