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Problem with tags (Bad Input) using RDBMS interface and Tag Distribution

Question asked by DenisShaehov on Jun 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by DenisShaehov

Installed the RDBMS interface and shows installed correctly and created a Tag Distribution. It`s work is correct, it counts the number of values collected in the next scan

We have table and SQL-query file:
SELECT CONVERT(varchar(255),[pump_id]) AS PI_ALIAS,

               CONVERT(varchar(255), [value]) AS PI_VALUE,

               CONVERT(varchar, [timestamp], 104) +' '+CONVERT(varchar, [timestamp], 108) AS PI_TIMESTAMP,

               0 AS PI_STATUS

FROM [STUDENT].[dbo].[param_values] WHERE timestamp > ?;


Attributes of Tag Distribution

It works correct but this tag:


has "Bad Input"

what have i done wrong?