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Event Frame Template: Need to build String Builder data reference to use the value of an attribute to obtain the value of another attribute

Question asked by fpastrana on Jun 12, 2020

Hi All! After spending quite a few hours trying to solve what I thought was a relatively simple issue, I realized I need help from more experienced users.@


The Need: To obtain the value in Yellow dynamically (it was hardcoded for demonstration purposes) using the other highlighted attributes.



Background: We use an Event Frames interface (EMDVB) that uses batch data from our control system (Delta V) to generate EF's with numerous attributes (primarily, Report Parameters). Since most attributes generated by EMDVB are named differently on different areas (process cells), we are adding attributes to the EF Template to translate them into standard named attributes.


For this particular problem, we have 2 attributes; the third one will be the standard named attribute "Manufacturing ID".

1 - The source attribute, generated by EMDVB Interface with the name from the control system. Has different names across different areas (process cells)


For Area1, PROD_ID_MATL-Report

For Area2, PROD_MID-Report



2 - "MID Report Attribute" attribute - Table Lookup gets the applicable MID Report name using the EF's primary referenced element's parent (Process Cell element) and a Table containing MID Report Names for each Process Cell.


I have looked into the following documentation with no success so far.

  • Guide to Substitution Syntax v2.0 (2015)
  • PI System Explorer User Guide (AF 2018)
  • YouTube Videos (e.g. Using String Builder Data References)


Needless to say, I have also tried many different String Builder configurations. Any help is more than welcome!