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PI Notifications and child attributes values

Question asked by Oscar_Garcia Champion on Jun 11, 2020


I’m trying to setup a PI notification for a wind farm that triggers when the wind farm available capacity changes more than 5 MW. Available capacity defined as the measure of the potential maximum power that could be generated by the wind farm depending of the number of turbines available. The available capacity changes when a turbine is not in good status (either because it’s in maintenance mode or an issue with the turbine). I have an AF attribute named Available Capacity in the wind farm parent element ‘Wind Farm A’ in my hierarchy. ‘Wind Farm A’ has a child element for each turbine. The child turbine element (i.e. T001) has two attributes ‘Turbine Available’ - (True/False) and ‘Status Description’.


So, I want to trigger a notification when Available Capacity changes more than 5 MW. In the notification email I want to show the status description for the turbines with Turbine available = False. This way the person receiving the notification can have an idea why the Available Capacity has changed. It’s easy to setup the trigger condition but I’m having troubles to include the status description only for the turbines in bad state in the email. Any ideas how this could be implemented?