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Asset switching in pi vision using url paremeters

Question asked by Nandhini8588 on Jun 13, 2020
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Hello all,

We have a pi vision display which is built to show attributes from parent element and attributes from its child elements. Say, we have a facility in which there are elements like compressor, generator, etc. Here facility is the parent and compressor, generator are the child elements in AF. We have many such facilities. All the parents (facilities) are built using one template and the elements like generator, compressor each have different templates.

We have a pi vision display that has the facility details, and attributes from generator, compressor, etc included. We have to switch between other facilities and it should display the details from corresponding facilities. We tried asset context switching and it is working fine. 


We have a requirement from an application to use these displays. So we have created an af attribute that has the pi vision display link, have used string builder to formulate the url with asset path of each facility.. The url parameter is appended with the asset path of the facility name. When trying to use this, I noticed that the data corresponding to facility reflects correctly, however the data for attributes from child elements like generator or compressor default to some element and do not change with the asset.


Is it required to add the path of child elements as well in the url? I have attributes from 7 different child elements used in the display and hence it is difficult to add everything in the AF attribute that is based on string builder data reference. Is there a way to achieve this?


Any inputs on this will be helpful. 


Nandhini. S