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PI Vision Custom Symbol - fetching data from external data source

Question asked by VietLe on Jun 16, 2020
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Our team are doing some research about creating custom widget in PI Vision, and we come up with some questions. I tried to look for them in PI Vision Guide and the PI Tech Talk, but I could not find any clear answers. It would be so great if you can help me to clarify them:

  1. Is PI Vision capable of connecting to external Restful API or relational databases (not through PI AF)? And it would be great if you can suggest me the way that I should follow to get those external data into PI Vision?
  2. What is the mechanism for refreshing data in the custom widget? In the document, I believe that with PI data, the Data Update function is called every 5 second. But how frequently does it refresh external data which not directly set up in PI?
  3. When connecting to the external data sources, can we fetch data in bulk? (because we want to avoid creating too many queries to the data sources)
  4. What would be the coding language supported to write the widget and which version? (Please correct if I'm wrong. I believe it would be AngularJS for the current version PI Vision 3.x)


Sorry it might be a lot of questions. I am very appreciated for your help.


Thank you!