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how can I get the value from NamedValues?

Question asked by cuichunpeng on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by cuichunpeng

Hello everyone:
When I use the FilteredSummaries method (asAll) in IPIData2, a NamedValues object (containing 8 data) is returned, but I cannot get the corresponding value from the returned object,
I am using the example in PISDK:
Set nvsFilSum = ipid2.FilteredSummaries(startTime, endTime, duration, _filexpr, asAll, cbTimeWeighted, fstExpRecordedValues)
But the following statement has problems in execution:
Set valfilsum = nvsFilSum("Total").Value does not work
I cannot use nvsFilSum("Total") to get the value.
How can I get the values in valfilsum?
(I am using C#, VS2019, PISDK)