PI Processbook 2.0: HTML5 Editor & More...

Discussion created by santiago_pet on Dec 2, 2012
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Lots of interesting discussions spawned during the 2012 conference regarding Processbook and HTML5 development from an web-part and graphical editing perspective. Personally, I would like to see Processbook evolve to something of a java or webbased HTML5 graphical editior with seamless transitional points between Coresight and/or Sharepoint. Creating, and moving SVG's around is becoming more and more of a challenge depending on the "wieght" of the SVG. Processbook while still the fastest way to quickly visualize data, it is becoming antiquated among the sea of HTML5 and the recent Windows 8 space




My Dream Processbook Application


- Thick client with Adobe Photo shop/HTML5 editing features
- Favorite SVG template
- Webbased client, eliminate the need to install .exe
- A "publish to sharepoint" or "publish to Coresight" button
- Connects to Sharepoint or HTML sight on launch
- SQC trend behavior (The ability to stack trends from DIFFERENT time lines in the same trend display)
- Built in Java editor
- Customizable Clipart (The ability to upload your own images)
- Interchangeable widgets and webparts. (It would be nice to see a gauge in processbook!)
- Duval Triangles, Ort Charts..
- Additional multistate conditionals to include If, then, else, and perhaps event frames type logic
- Animated Gifs
- The ability to store or script displays from database
- Limited customizable parameters that can be exposed to clients FROM the hosted website.



- Mask, Taper, Shadow
- Store templates in AF
- Retrieve displays in AF.
- Images dynamically changes when selected from AF
- Export to tablet, and mobile devices.
- Collaborative tools. The ability for clients to comment and make recommended edits from the same display. Digg voting functionality
- "Event on Click" functionality. (i.e. user clicks on a peak, and all other peaks with the same values across the trend highlight
- The ability to modify,or hide scaling on the fly
- Shaded trend lines (great for delta, or fourier analysis)


What does everyone think about this? An upgrade of this magnitude would keep this amazing tool ahead of the curve and current among the myriad of editors and widgets across Sharepoint and HTML5 platforms.