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Value retrieval method for total over time range

Question asked by ckassios on Jun 24, 2020
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I have tag that gives me the mass flow of a product from which I have created a very basic analysis to calculate the total production from 6am-6am (our production day) and am outputting in a new tag. This analysis runs at 6am every morning and basically gives the production of the previous day (6 to 6).



This tag holds the daily production value and is updated once a day. When visualizing this in PI Vision using the 'Value' symbol and setting the range to 1d I can see the daily values and can use the back/forward arrows to view the previous production values. This works fine.


The question is:

Is there a way, via the value retrieval methods or another method, to be able to change the range to e.g. 7d or 1mo and get a total over that range? Can this be done in the same visual or would I have to create separate attributes for this?


Many thanks