how to reattach an existing module back to the ACE Wizard

Discussion created by tweakmy on Dec 2, 2012
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I am a new to PI Ace.


I initially had created module A:- Firstmodule.vb in using VB.NET via PI ACE wizard.


Next I delete Firstmodule from PI ACE Manager because it is found deemed not suitable. Assume in this case, it was accidentally removed although it should be disabled in the first place. As you all would know, the module still resides under the same solution.


Now, I would like to retrieve it in the PI ACE Wizard (under the same executable/project solution) and I would like debug and re-register it back to the PI ACE Manager.


How can I do that? How can I do it without creating a new module and doing copy pasting and redefining all the inputs and outputs.