Writing data to PI WebAPI from NodeJS

Discussion created by Sumanth.Artham on Jun 22, 2020

Hi Team,


As part of the project we will be getting the data from one third party application and the data will be in the form of JSON.


We thought, we can go with PI WebAPI to send the data to PI from our application(NodeJS) later realized we need to write the values to 2 lakhs attributes in PI for every 15 minutes.


We need to find a solution to send the data to PI AF, via WebAPI but without using individual WebID's. We found a URL where it says we can send the data to PI via webAPI without using WebID's 


The third point in the above URL Web API write node: Write data to Pi Server says,


By Custom URL: Write data using a custom URL relative to the base Web API URL set in the configuration node. You can use this mode to write to anything that is not in the data servers.


Sample Data from source: 



Please suggest us the better way to send data to PI.


Thanks & Regards,

Sumanth Artham