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Cygnet Connector - CVS scan rate

Question asked by JaredGoretzky on Jun 24, 2020


I'm looking at the Cygnet connector scan rate settings and I'm hoping someone can clarify this when compared to classic compression/exception.


1. in the cygnet connector settings there is a scan rate setting. From reading the material this setting is how often the Connector will scan for data in CVS. A faster scan time implies extra load on the Cygnet CVS service. 

so my question is, if Connector is set to 10 secs (to minimize the load) but the tags are on a 1 sec scan rate, will this not imply some data will be lost? if it is only scanning every 10 secs there could be a spike in the previous 10 seconds that would be lost. Hence... 1 second should really be used, and then back to what is the load on the CVS service?


2. it appears there is also no concept of compression or exception with the connector. Hence if we go to 1 sec scan to not miss any large data spikes we are also loading our PI Archive with more events.


My goal is to minimize events in the archive, reduce network traffic and capture important instrument data.