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Can not Sort Event frames by its attributes

Question asked by Sasanka on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by David Hearn


Hi all,

according to the below code snippets I can sort event frames by setting SortFiled to Name, StartTime and EndTime (AFSortField Enumeration)  and filter by attribute value of RecipeID:=7.


    using(var search = new AFEventFrameSearch(myDB, "FindEventFields", @"Template:'Step' End:<='*' SortField:EndTime SortOrder:Desc |RecipeID:=7")) 


But when I try to sort the Event frame by attribute  RecipeID, it trows me an exception Invalid value 'RecipeID' for search criteria 'SortField'. 

using(var search = new AFEventFrameSearch(myDB, "FindEventFields", @"Template:'Step' End:<='*' SortField:|RecipeID SortOrder:Desc ")) 

Anybody got an Idea of how to sort event frames by its attributes?