Fastest way to retrieve bulk archive data

Discussion created by Gopinath on Dec 3, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by andreas

I am looking to load tag data for 75 tags over a period 6 years onto CSV or TXT or Excel. Whats the best & fastest way to do this - PISDK, POWERSHELL, PIOLEDB, PICONFIG or anything else?


Currently I use the old style piconfig, to load the data in batches of 2 months on to a CSV file as the file size becomes huge when i go over 2 months. 50 MB CSV file for 2 months data for a single tag. To give you a idea of how much data am trying to retrieve - Data count is ~1000000 events per tag over the duration of 2 months.


@table piarc @istru tag, starttime, endtime, count @ostr tag,time,value @ostr ... Tagname,1-Jan-2007,1-Mar-2007,20000000 @ends


Any suggestions???