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Updating PI Points in PI server in batches

Question asked by Shubhangi on Jul 6, 2020
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Hey Everyone, I am working on a piece of code where i have to update the PI Points in Pi Server and have to know whether all PI Points are updated successfully or only some Points are updated.


I am able to update the PI Points in PI Server with the below mentioned piece of Code.



// Extract the PI point
PIPoint pIPoint = PIPoint.FindPIPoints(piServer, tagName).FirstOrDefault();
AFAttribute aFAttribute = new AFAttribute(pIPoint);


// Create an AFValue with tag value and timestamp
var result = AFValue.Create(aFAttribute, double.Parse(tagValue), new AFTime(Convert.ToString(timestamp).DateTimeFromUnixTimestampMillis()));


//Updating the PIServer with the PI Points
AFErrors<AFValue> errors = piServer.UpdateValues(afValues, OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFUpdateOption.Replace);

if (!errors.HasErrors)
isWriteToDeviceSuccess = true;



My Question is how to know whether all pi points are updated or some of the points are not updated.

pipoints updatevalues() aferrors