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Fill tags with a distribuitor tag from another interface?

Question asked by Sandra_Torres on Jul 2, 2020

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is safe and doing well.


I have a RDBMS interface in wich I use multiple distribuitor tags to fill PI tags. This method has being working just fine until we faced a not so commun situation. I'll explain myself further: The DB stores information of some instruments and we get that information with some distribuitor tags. Sometimes such instruments loose conectivity, some turn off, are in maintenance, etc, so the DB doesn't receive information and PI tags are no longer updating. Lucky in some cases the instrument has the capacity to store the values and send them later to the DB. The problem is that the query in the distribuitor tags only retrives the information from today to three days before, but the instrument can be offline more time than that. The volume of information is already too big so we can't increase the range of days because it affects our process.


We tried some alternatives: 
The creation of more distribuitor tags. 
Dividing the tags in multiple distribuitor tags and reducing the number of rows per query (Ex. 5 querys with a range of 5 days)

But all of them caused problems with our process because we get delays in the update of the values.

I was thinking on creating another distribuitor tag using another interface, but I don't know if that's possible. Is there a way to achive what I'm triying to do without loosing performance? Have you resolved a problem like this and if yes how? 


I would really appreciate your help and any advice you have.


Thank you very much in advance.


-Sandra Torres