Extremely New to AF

Discussion created by FE_MichaelScott on Jul 7, 2020
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Good Afternoon,


I am working in AF and I am extremely new to the software. We are using AF to display onto Vision. I was wondering if their is a simple way to do a counter in the overall element. so if I have 10 servers then in vision I want to display 10/10 then if one of the servers go offline then the counter would reflect 9/10.


I was trying to do a rolling expression to count the attribute and got something 6 out of 7 but I think it was counting just the attributes and since one of my pi points were configured it was just counting everything else.


What I am trying to do is count what server is Up and how many servers are down. That type of thing. I understand I could just make it where in vision I write and draw the divide Symbol and put my total amount of assets but that is linear and doesn't help me later down the line especially if we add or delete servers.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and helping me get on the right path. Have a nice day