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PIWEBAPI questions on point search        

Question asked by DomV on Jul 9, 2020
Title: PIWEBAPI questions on point search
  1. Does PIWEBAPI support point query similar to AFSDK query in this doc: Could you provide some example ? We want the ability to filter (whitelist/blaclist) various PI Point attributes (name, pointsource, instrumenttag, etc.)
  2. If it does, does it require Indexing ? or Indexing+Crawler ?
  3. If it does require Indexing or Indexing+Crawler, does it mean that some information may not be the most recent as in the Server, until the Crawler gets it in the next craw interval?
  4. Is there a way for PIWEBAPI to do query as in #1 by turning off Indexing and Crawler, so that it always get information directly from the Server?
  5. If #4 is not possible, is there a way to tune Indexing and Crawler for faster interval to get the latest info from the Server sooner? What is the fastest interval?
  6. From the doc, The crawler service can index only PI Servers that are configured with identity mappings. If some PI Servers are in a workgroup, while PI WEB API / Crawler are in a domain, then how can we achieve query mentioned in #1 ?