Auto Generating One-Line Substation Diagrams in Processbook with PI

Discussion created by santiago_pet on Dec 6, 2012
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Leveraging algorithms for the auto-generation of one-line power/substation diagrams would ultimately be the way to go. Why worry about PDI, XDF, or INI’s when the svg can be stored into a SQL database in its raw form: data.  There are a number of papers written on the subject.


 Many attempts have been made on this very technology, few were able to get as far as rendering the objects and lines in a power diagram. The challenge was in orientating the objects in the vector diagram with the appropriate spacing and correct orientation geographically (N,S,W,E).


I am envisioning a “one-line-interface” that consumes a one line algorithm of a substation, process, and write the coordinates into PI, and assigns an attribute in AF for referencing. Each time we call that one through AF, a service is launched that essentially draws the one-line diagram on the fly as the data containing the online from PI is processed through. Auto-generating one-line diagrams has several advantages


-          Protects IP, a registered interface and decryption primer is required to store and/or write the one-line diagrams
-          Can introduce advance multi-state functionality programmatically without having to touch the configuration pane
-          Many one-line diagrams can be stored in a single SQL data-base table.
-          Future proofed. Vector conversion is old tech that has not lost its place in across many industries and disciplines
-          Can be incorporated into our CIM architecture, and scales as more assets are dimensionalized in the diagram during asset registration.



Auto generating one-lines with multistate functionality on-load