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With OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2012 being over, we can look back at a very successful event. You will see more evaluation and wrap up posts on vCampus in the coming days and weeks. We will be posting the session material and videos very soon. Thank you for all your great support, you made this event great!


One very important aspect of OSIsoft vCampus Live! is the recognition of key members in the community. The All-Star program has been running for 3 years now, and it has been successful in identifying these key members that show their support for the community on a day to day basis.


This year, you voted for your All-Stars in big numbers, and you voted for having these awesome people as the 2012 All-Stars:

  • Rhys Kirk from Wipro. His omnipresence and vast knowledge of the PI System are of great value to the community. Apart from insightful answers to questions, he regularly posts awesome and refreshing articles on his blog.
  • Lonnie Bowling from DST Controls has made very valuable contributions to the community by investing a lot of his time in teaching us new and upcoming technology. Many really valued his Silverlight samples and more recently his articles on Mobile and Cloud. He also presented his work at vCampus Live! 2012.
  • Michael Halhead from Anglo Platinum has been a very steady force in the community. He surprises many of us with his very insightful and elaborate answers on the forums -- on a daily basis. If you have AF SDK or PI ACE questions, there is a good chance he will be on top of it.

These All-Stars represent what is needed to build and foster a great community around the PI System. But, the community is much larger. Many people contribute regularly and frequently in a valuable way. We want to recognize you all, and thank you for your continued involvement in OSIsoft vCampus.


There are a couple of individuals that we, as OSIsoft, want to give special recognition. These were close runners-up to being All-Stars. It is difficult to determine who gives more to the community, in terms of quantity and quality. All these people are true PI System rock stars, and vCampus wouldn't be as successful without the contributions of these great individuals:

  • Rick Davin from Nalco has made great contributions to the community. His very elaborate forum and blog posts on AF SDK are very valued by the community. Some posts are very serious, others talk about (fun) observations he has while developing and working with the PI System. Rick’s contribution takes the community to a newer level!
  • Asle Frantzen from Amitec also is one of those steady forces in the community. He regularly posts answers to questions on the forums, and his blog features very good articles related to different parts of the PI System. We hope he will keep supporting us with his vast knowledge and enthusiasm.

Again, a big thanks to everyone! You are what makes this community great!