Your strangest element?

Discussion created by Kenneth_Barber Champion on Jul 9, 2020

Usually, elements in the PI Asset Framework (PI AF) are one of the following:

  • A site, building, or some sort of location
  • A department
  • An asset or a piece of equipment
  • A group (e.g. Pumps, Fans, Tanks)


Let me know what is the strangest element or element template that you have created, have used, or are aware of that is in production use. The purpose of this discussion is to give everyone a greater awareness of what PI AF is representing and possibly give some insight into different ways of modelling "stuff" in PI AF.


I'll start. The strangest element templates that I have created are:

  • A line in an invoice. The invoice is periodic, and the line's code (constant) must be tracked in addition to its value (PI Point). I could have had a single invoice element and 1 attribute for each line, but then the code would be mixed in with the name.
  • A ranking position for hours of high regional electricity consumption. There is an element for the hour with the highest consumption, another element for the hour with the 2nd highest consumption, etc. Some of the attributes are the rank (1st, 2nd, etc.) (constant), the region's electricity consumption (PI Point), the site's electricity consumption (PI Point), and the timestamp of the hour (PI Point). Archiving is disabled for the PI Points.


Both of these element templates were made partly to take advantage of the Asset Comparison Table in PI Vision (i.e. view all lines of an invoice or view the top 10 hours).


For the record, even though this post is a question, I chose to create a discussion instead because the question would never be marked as "answered".