Getting the value of a related tag at a specific timestamp

Discussion created by hazirulz on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by ChristophRose

Hello everyone,
I'm required to calculate the maximum apparent power based on maximum active power for the month and reactive power that shares the same timestamp as the maximum active power, using this equation:
Apparent Power (MVA) = √((Active Power)^2+(Reactive Power)^2 )


I already have an analysis that finds the maximum active power for the month, however, I'm having a problem with fetching the correct responding reactive power. My analysis is as follows:

And my attributes are as follows:


When I export the results from Preview Results, I noticed that the analysis takes the past related reactive power value (highlighted in light blue) and not the correct responding reactive power (highlighted in orange). 



I've tried changing the expression for TimeA to TimeStamp('MAX Active Power Tx A) but it takes the evaluation time instead of the actual corresponding time.


I'm using Pi System Explorer 2018 SP3 Patch 2