How to configure Random interface to publish SINUSOID data

Discussion created by seneschal on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by bbregenzer

I set up a new PI Server 2018 instance for the first time and discovered that the Random interface was no longer there. So I downloaded the installation kit for that.

Reading the users guide for the Random interface is difficult. I have never used the PI-ICU before. I attempted today without much luck. The user guide seems extremely over-complicated for what I want to do.

Can someone tell me what (hopefully simple) steps I need to take in order to get the Random interface to continuously populate SINUSOID/SINUSOIDU data, like it did in earlier versions of PI Server? I frequently use this as a test point.

I found the CSV file with the default points, and I can import those with Excel, but this whole PI-ICU thing is new to me.