Force Step Interpolation of an Analysis Output

Discussion created by ZachKilman on Jul 11, 2020

I am currently utilizing future pi tags to schedule changes in pi data, which is then fed into a calculation. Originally, the calculation would go bad order whenever the most recent scheduled data was no longer some time in the future.


For example, i could set the value at 3500 now, and schedule it to change to 4000 tomorrow at 12PM, however the calculation would go bad order after 12 PM tomorrow. 


To work around this, i created a simple analysis to read the future pi point, and then give the previous value from the current time, resolving the calculation issue (PrevVal('attribute','*')). This analysis simply output to a new attribute in the element (not a pi point). The new issue is that while trending the output of this analysis, i noted the data is linearly interpolated between data points, instead of step interpolated.


Is there a way to force the analysis output to be step interpolation between data points instead linear?