Begineer in OSIsoft Pi

Discussion created by AmitKumar on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Kenneth_Barber

Dear All,


I am new to OSIsoft PI and want to move ahead in PI Admin role. However, I am feeling that I am somewhat lost in understating the installation files and their purpose, licensing feature etc.

I am well aware that there are too much information available for this, and this is my only issue. I am lost in where to start with, people might suggest go to you tube or other method etc. but believe me too much information also confuse people, at least to me.

I am just looking to the solid most information for beginners who want to move forward in PI administrator role.

I hope, I have not disappoint anyone with my wordings. This is my true feeling. I am open to any suggestion/advice.

Another question: I am looking to install PI in two of my VM’s. Is there a way where we can have free license for a week or so?

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