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Excel Add In | Connection | Populate with values

Question asked by fchanampa on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by fchanampa

Hi, good day for all... i'm trying to do an Excel Add in and i need some help with the connection to the Data Archive.

I can't drag and drop the pisystempicker object to the ribbon (the ribbon is the user interface that the proyect in Visual Studio creates for the Excel add in). If i select a Combobox of the toolbox of office i lose all the features that it brings to me the pisystempicker.


Another thing that i need to do after achieve the connection to the PI Data Archive with my Combobox is populate the spreadsheet with some columns like description, lastvalue, last timestamp, etc in bulk for desired tags for me.


It's an open question, please share your knowledge with me, i'm not a developer. All of this it's going to be developed in C#. The idea it's to have a new add in into excel with new functionalities that the PI Builder or PI DataLink doesn't bring for the PI System users.


Best Regards!