Click Through Events with Processbook

Discussion created by santiago_pet on Dec 6, 2012
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We have a geospatial processbook svg in sharepoint with a map of a region and their associated sites represented by multistate buttons or pins. We would like our clients to click on a pin and be driven to the correspoding web page based on what is passed in AF. Is there a case or actual code that has been applied to provide this functionality with Sharepoint svg?. I'm thinking of building a java wrapper around the svg and map the click throughs over the svg image. The trick would be to pass the appropriate string so that the appropriate sub-page (as defined by AF's heirachy) comes up.


i.e Customer clicks on a transformer on the "google" like image. The corresponding component page comes up.




 To circumvent this problem, we've had to extend this capabilities outside of the processbook svg. We wanted to provide an almost Google like experience when people click on a pin.