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    Click Through Events with Processbook


      We have a geospatial processbook svg in sharepoint with a map of a region and their associated sites represented by multistate buttons or pins. We would like our clients to click on a pin and be driven to the correspoding web page based on what is passed in AF. Is there a case or actual code that has been applied to provide this functionality with Sharepoint svg?. I'm thinking of building a java wrapper around the svg and map the click throughs over the svg image. The trick would be to pass the appropriate string so that the appropriate sub-page (as defined by AF's heirachy) comes up.


      i.e Customer clicks on a transformer on the "google" like image. The corresponding component page comes up.




       To circumvent this problem, we've had to extend this capabilities outside of the processbook svg. We wanted to provide an almost Google like experience when people click on a pin.

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          @Peter: I'm sorry I won't answer your question (I'll let more knowledgeable people do that) but I have a few questions myself on your use of geospatial here, if you don't mind.


          I am assuming you created that display and located the symbols on the map *manually*, correct? Do you see a case where you would have wanted/needed this geospatial representation to occur automatically (e.g. the multi-state symbols would get located on the map automatically, based on lat/long AF Attributes)? Maybe when there are too many of these? Of because they are moving assets?


          The next question I have has to do with the choice of the tool itself... is this capability I described above something you would want in an OSIsoft client tool (e.g. PI ProcessBook), or this would be better suited for a visualization tool specialized in geospatial? And if you truly wanted this in PI ProcessBook, what other functionality - other than click to navigate, as you expressed - would you need off that map, knowing that we are not a geospatial vendor and don't strive to become one?

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              Actually we are not worried about geospatial population. We are ok with manual cut and past of a map and the "green" icons as our design. However we wanted to have the user click on the icon and have them taken to the page associated with that icon (in our case assets). The challenge would be in auto-matically opening the SVG and changing the AF link in it everytime the AF tree is modified.


              We just though of a another solution... we can just place the SVG inside of a <div></div> frame and define links within that frame over the svg. In this everytime our AF links change so does the link inside the <div> frame. hmmm... time to experiment.