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Calculate Pump duration

Question asked by DURGAMALLESWARARAO on Jul 22, 2020



At present we have calculation built in PI Performance equation for below tags and have to crreate same in PI AF.


Pump event_start Tag   (Digital tag with 0-Normal , 1- Alert)

Event=Status, IF Tagbad('Status','*')=0 then ( IF (TagVal('Status,'*') > PrevVal('Status')) then 1 else NoOutput()) else NoOutput()



Run Duration Tag

IF Tagbad('Status','*')=0 then (IF 'Status'=2 then ('*' - PrevEvent('Pump event_start Tag ','*'))/3600   Else NoOutput() ) else NoOutput()



I have tried to create calculation in PI AF but it’s not giving required output. Kindly assist me.


Status Tag- It is a status tag which is reading 0 or 2. I created a enumeration set with states as 0- Stop and 2- Running


Current PE Tags: