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hi how do we make custom functions in PI AF?

Question asked by timmygab on Jul 20, 2020

I saw a couple of questions about the topic, but i don't see it resolved. We're implementing an analytics solution from SEEQ to PI for us to leverage the notification in PI AF. and we need calculations that would do the following:

1. Smoothen signal using Loess method (Seeq - agileFilter function)

2. Remove valuesdata between two values (Seeq - valueSearch)

3. Remove invalid data - like 0/0 or 1/0 (Seeq- validValues)

4. Remove outliers using robust regression algorithm (Seeq - removeOutliers)


We have a couple more data analysis that need to be done, but i do not see the functions needed in PI AF. I was hoping to perform the analysis using python/java/c#. I am new to the technology, do let me know if there are questions related to this post i have here. thank you