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AFUpdateOption Enumeration

Question asked by AlexRakia on Jul 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by John Messinger

I see some incomprehensible description in the AFSDK documentation:


Regarding the: 


AFUpdateOption Enumeration


I quote from the  online documentation of the AFSDK:


Insert                   1              Add the value to the archive. Any existing values at the same time are not overwritten.

NoReplace          2              Add the value to the archive only if no value exists at the same time.

                                             If a value already exists for that time, the passed value is ignored.


As it is explained here Here in the AFSDK online documnation:

AFUpdateOption Enumeration 


If I add a value that already Exists: 

   - "NoReplace Case" : Explanation is OK, understood.

   - "Insert Case"          : Adds with duplicates at the same time stamp exactly & then we have duplicates in the archive.


On the other hand, I recall encountering an unrelated PI error that  said:  "Value at This Time Already Exists",

but not in this case though.


So when are Values at the same Time allowed?

And when are they forbidden?


Many Thanks,

Alex R.