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Question with event frame.

Question asked by Kiran324 on Jul 21, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2020 by Kiran324

I am building a notifications solution where we monitor exceedance from threshold.


The exceedance are in three categories - Low, Med, High and the "true for" time is 24hrs, 8hrs and 2hrs respectively.


For eg- for a tag with a maximum threshold of 2, it is has two more upper limit of 3 and 4.

if the value is between 2&3, it is a low exceedance. If it is between 3&4, it is a medium exceedance.

More than 4 (>4) is high exceedance.


So if in the above case, our tag is in the range for 2-3 for 24 hrs., then a low exceedance notification is triggered.

If it is between 3-4 for 8hrs, a medium exceedance notification is triggered.

And if it is >4 for 2hrs we get a high exceedance notification.


But in case the value oscillates between these ranges and doesn't satisfy the "true for" time for any range, no notifications is generated.


For eg, if the tag value ranges between the high exceedance and medium exceedance limits, and doesn't satisfy the "true for " we miss the notification, but it was always above 2(the max threshold).


Is there any suggestion to tackle this situation.


I am thinking, of creating a new it condition which will be something like -

if tagvalue>2  and 'no notification triggered for either of the above 3 cases'   (true for '24.5hrs')


But is there any way to check if notification email was triggered and use it in the 'if' condition?


Looking forward to hear from the experts.



Kiran Rao