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Does anyone know how to access AF Browser and AF Properties on Processbook with VBA?

Question asked by DavidMFairchild on Jul 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by gregor

I'm working with a  site trying to convert their 170 semi-static PI tags in to AF Attributes grouped into relevant AF Elements.  I'm trying to give them a way to look at these tags.  I'd like to be able to pull the property from the AF property List and drop it onto the display and have it create a trend. But it seems like it only creates a Value. I've tried capturing the value With the AfterDrop event but have been unable to read the AF path from the dropped Value.


There are other ways to do this, but I haven't found any way to access AF elements or properties in PI Processbook using VBA.  I would like to organize the tags in some way and not just create a display with 170 trends on it.