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PI RDBMS - Recovery

Question asked by jrheeders on Jul 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2020 by alouette_pelr

I have setup PI RDBMS to write PI data to MSSQL via a stored proc. Everything is working, it is updating live as new values comes in.The challenge I have is that the customer wants to be able to edit data in the past. We created this function for them by using excel files with a UFL interface and it works perfect in updating the PI tag value as a substitute. The problem that I have is that it does not update the SQL once the PI tag gets updated in the past. I did configure the RDBMS recovery period and the updates I made is within the period, but still no luck in updating. It almost appear it is doing it only once for a period and then never again. Is that the case or am I missing a setting? What would you recommend?