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The StringBuilder is generating the path to the required attribute but is unable to get the value of the attribute. How to get the attribute value in this case.?

Question asked by ShreyamshuBK on Jul 23, 2020

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We have an attribute [SampleAttribute] in an element template whose data type is "StringBuilder". We have designed it to build a path to an attribute [AnotherAttribute] residing in a different database, and when we check-in and navigate to the "SampleAttribute", the expected value is the value of "AnotherAttribute". But in this case the value of "SampleAttribute" is the path of "AnotherAttribute".

If we hard-code the path of the "AnotherAttribute" under settings tab of the "SampleAttribute" it gives the expected value. Are we missing anything here ? Kindly help us out with the issue. Thank you.


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Shreyamshu BK