EventFrames dependent on trigger tags which are not updating in real time

Discussion created by amitpatil.vit on Jul 27, 2020
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eventframes dependent on trigger tags which are not updating in real time

   We are facing an issue with EventFrames generation and event closing when trigger tags do not update in real time (unlike frequently updating tags based on standard PI interface).
Lab PI tag values get updated once in a while by external laboratory information application. Data for lab tag is received in order (new value with newer timestamp than earlier event), but data is not sent to PI in real time by the external application. For example, lab PI tag may currently show latest value with 3 days old timestamp. Suddenly a new value along with new timestamp is received, but still the value is from previous day's sample timestamp sent by the external application.


   In such a situation, we observed that if this lab tag is used in EventFrame trigger criteria, then Event Frame gets created after receiving in-order but yet old timestamp event for a tag (even if value is stamped with 3 days old timestamp). However, EventFrame gets closed only if the new lab tag value (responsible for event close criteria) is received with latest timestamp. If lab tag value (responsible for closing event) is received as in order but with the older timestamp, then EventFrame misses the end trigger and cannot close itself. In such scenario, EventFrame remains open leading to false conclusion. We are not sure why EventFrame is not getting closed when events are received in incremental order with old timestamp with respect to current time. Is this the expected behavior?

    We then recalculate the Event Frame (from the time when lab tag value for start trigger was received) and then Event Frame is deleted and re-created with proper start and end time as expected. We also understand that EventFrames do not support automatic recalculation (based on OOO events). In this case, we are planning to deploy a custom AF SDK based program that will periodically recalculate Event Frames for tags which are not updating in real time. Is there any other workaround that can be used to avoid customization to recalculate eventframes in such situation?