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Multiple data source to single PI tag

Question asked by sahilp on Jul 29, 2020
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Re-posting as a Question, because I originally made it a Discussion by accident.


Suppose I have two data sources making the same process parameter available in two different ways. What would be the best practice to 'hide' the underlying data acquisition chain from my end users?


More details:-

I have a wind turbine feeding data to a Wind SCADA, which then does two things (1) expose the turbine to PI through e.g. IEC104 and (2) creates a SQL archive of 10-minute data with min, max, stdev, mean for each 10 minute window


Obviously I want to use the IEC104 Connector to maximise time resolution and make use of the smarter exception and compression algorithms in PI, instead of a simple 10 minute statistics. But from time to time the IEC104 data source crashes for reasons outside of my control so in aid of improving data quality, I would like to pull data out of the SQL dB and fill in the gaps in the same tag that the IEC104 writes to.


Is it possible? I am guessing probably

Is it smart? I am guessing maybe not, but in any case I would like to understand why/why not


What would the best solution look like? I am thinking it may be better to write two separate tags, but how can we make that invisible to the user?