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Is there a mechanism in PI-AF to event-trigger my program?

Question asked by seneschal on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2020 by seneschal

I wrote an app that processes data files an inserts data into PI Server. As it runs, it waits for a signal to process new data. The signal can be manual, such as clicking a button on a form, or a Windows schedule every so many minutes.


I'd like to introduce a 3rd method of triggering my app to process data. Assuming my app is running, is there a mechanism in PI-AF that would allow an external PI-AF program or PI-AF Explorer user to trigger my app to process data? I picture an attribute that my app subscribes to, and receives an event of some kind when that attribute is set to true. Trying to do this without the need for polling, if possible. The end goal would be either that a user could trigger my app manually by setting an attribute (or something) in PI AF Explorer, or by them writing a larger program in which triggering my app is a small part.