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    PI OPC interface availibility


      While trying to follow the YouTube series on "Installing the PI OPC interface", I was unable to locate any version of the OPCInt_xx_xx.exe file on the download center.  Is there something I am missing or is it not included in the vCampus subscription?  Has it been replaced by the PI_OSIOPC.exe application, which I realize is a server, but thought this server would be used to access data from the PI database from an OPC_client application.   It is probably possible to write data using this server, but will it function as a full fledged INTERFACE?  If  not  how do I go about obtaining the interface?  

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          As far as I know, PI OPC Interface (both DA and HDA) aren't included into vCampus subscription. There's nothing to program within these interfaces, so if you need it - you probably should buy it.

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              Nick D'Orazio

              We used the OPC Interface in that video only because it is the most common interface. Most other interfaces work very similarly. So if you are interested in following many of the steps in the video to become more experienced working with interfaces, you can configure the interfaces that you do have, such as the PI MCN Health Monitor Interfaces (although point configuration is quite a bit different), or the PI Ping interface (but again, point configuration is different). In general, point configuration is very much different from one interface to the other because the nature of the data sources that the interfaces read  from are different.




              p.s. I confirm what Sergey wrote.  Just looking at downloads it appears the only interfaces in the vCampus subscription are


              PI Event Frames Generator (EFGEN)      131 MB


              PI MCN Health Monitor Interfaces      55.0 MB


              PI MCN Heath Monitor Package      98.0 MB


              PI to PI Interface      37.0 MB


              PI Auto Point Sync      47.0 MB


              PI to PI APS Connector

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                  Ahmad Fattahi

                  Please note that this limitation is hard coded in the license file for vCampus PI Server; it means that even if you buy and download the OPC interface (or any other PI Interface outside Nick's list above) it would not connect to the vCampus PI Server. The reason is that vCampus has been designed for development and development environments as opposed to production systems.

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                I am really impressed by support and response provided by through the discussion hall.  Thank you.  Let me summarize very briefly what my plans are, and hopefully I won't be restricted in my development due to restrictions in the software offered via the Download Center as might be suggested Ahmed below.


                I will be writing an interface for a the control system we deliver (I have done a similar exercise for Aspentech IP21) and am currently in the process of defining a requirement specification that meets both OSIsofts expectations and our system requirements.  That was the reason to try and investigate the OPC interface in order to study it's functionality.  Anyhow I have had discussions with OSIsoft interface developers and their responses were positive as far as me being able to accomplish what I want  to do.  (Every one has been extremely helpful)  


                I will be using the AF SDK (recommended by OSIsoft) to write the interface.  Question is will I be able to use the PI SERVER and Asset Framework available on vCampus for my development?

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                    Hello George,


                    The short answer to your question is yes but I recommend reviewing the FAQ page and the Pricing and Licensing FAQ page especially with regards to PSA runtime licenses.


                    It's planned introducing buffering support with AF SDK version 2.6


                    Most of the current OSIsoft interface releases are based on the PI API. If you are interested in the basics like e.g. how an OSIsoft interface identifies the PI tags to be serviced, you can chose from the interfaces that are supported by the vCampus server license. This is traditionally the PI to PI Interface and starting with the PI 2012 releases (since December 2012) the PI MCN Health Monitor Interfaces (PI Interface for Performance Monitor (PIPerfMon), PI Interface for SNMP (PISNMP), PI Interface for PING (PIPING) and PI Interface for TCP Response (PITCPResponse).