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Rollup analyses wrong result

Question asked by LSalas on Jul 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by LSalas

PI analyses 2018 sp3.



I have created several rollup analyses and I noticed the results are not always right. Sometimes they work, others don't.


Rollups and analysis are set up to be event-triggered. The input for the analysis in the lower level is a tag that is updated every 15 mins, so the analysis will be triggered every 15 minutes. The output is written to an attribute Pi point DR. This output is the trigger for the rollup.


Rollups  Level 2

      Analysis Level 1


Values at the top are the sum (rollups)  for each column. Values in rose or white background are the output for the analysis at the child level (level 1). 






at 2:45pm. Values 4 and 22 changed to 3 and 13.  The rollups didn't take these new values. It looks like rollup ran before all  the new values arrived. The timestamp is the same for all of them: 2:45pm.


Any suggestion and What should I check or change to avoid rollups run before  all the child attributes are updated?