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Data Storage in PI Integrator for ArcGIS

Question asked by tombayu.hidayat on Aug 6, 2020

Hello everyone,


We have PI Integrator for Esri ArcGIS installed in our system. In the GeoEvent server, we specified an ArcGIS Online account as a data store. As you might have known, creating a service in the integrator would result in two items in the ArcGIS Online account: 1) Feature Service (FS A) and 2) Hosted Feature Service (Hosted FS B).


I have several questions regarding these services and its data storage:


I have been noticing that the FS A is not accessible from outside the VM where we store our AF database. It can only be accessed from within the VM. Is this because FS A is reading data directly from the database, thus it does NOT store any data within the layer?


Secondly, the Hosted FS B can be accessed from outside the machine. However, in contrast to FS A, it does not support time-enabled layer; so it can only display the latest data of the corresponding PI points. Is this also because Hosted FS B is reading data from FS A, and does not have access to the database, so it cannot access the historical data?


And above all: does any of our PI point data is stored within Esri's server (maybe somewhere in US)?


My assumption so far is that both of these layers do not store any data; they are only reading data either directly from the Feature Service or from the AF Database. However I need some verification to assure that none of our data is stored within Esri's server.