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Changing the server name in the MDB

Question asked by JGamboe on Aug 7, 2020

In Oct 2019 our IT department build a new PI server and attempted to migrate the old server to the new.  They changed the name on the new server.  It was a mess.  I was contacted to look it over on a Saturday morning.  After a few hours, we got the server running after removing all traces of the old server name in the AD, however, we could not get AF to sync with the MDB.  We discovered that the old server name was still referenced in two separate modules in the MDB.  The PI server was collecting and the business said they didn't care about AF and I was asked to leave it as is.

The server is still running today however, the old server name entries still exist in the MDB.


As you can see the MDB is quite empty.  I would like to change the two areas that I have found and try to get AF working.  I can't sync MDB to AF because it still references the old server name.

What is the process for changing the name in the MDB?  If I right-click I can bring up an edit window.  Is that where it's done?  Is it safe to make that change?  The old server name prefix was CTL.  The new server name prefix is SVR.